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Use Retool to build an app on top of your own Google Sheets in 5 minutes.
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Build user interfaces quickly
Google Sheets is good for storing data, but bad for building interactive UIs. Connecting Retool to it lets you build rich user interfaces: buttons that run API requests, maps to render points, and more!
Join across datasources
After connecting Retool to Google Sheets, you can pull in data from anywhere: databases, APIs, etc. For example, you can join Sheets data with Postgres data, then fire an API request for each row.
Micromanage your tools
Once built, your tools are hosted by Retool, and ready to be used. You can use Retool's permissioning system to control who can do what. And with audit logs, you can have peace of mind.
Here's one we made earlier...
Let's say you're a VC. During an accelerator's recent "demo day", you recorded a list of companies that look promising. Using a full-blown CRM to compile this list would be overkill, so you used Google Sheets:
Now, you want to go through each company and send them a follow-up email. Before, you’d have to write every email by hand. But now, with Retool, in just a few minutes, we've built an app on top of your Sheets data, which lets you fire off an email for each one.
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